Unemployment and Poverty in Brazil

Brazil's Unemployment Crisis Is The Worst In 20 Years
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The Operation Carwash probe, which was launched in , did not directly implicate Rousseff. The door was then open for her ouster, which took eight months to be realised. When the senate finally voted in August to impeach Rousseff for breaking budgetary rules, many believed economic stability would return.

Unemployment in Brazil Stands at 12.5 Percent at End of April

Many states are now in a calamitous financial situation. But many millions marched in support of her, and they are deeply unsatisfied with the leadership of new president Michel Temer. This revelation all but confirmed that the impeachment process was an attempt by corrupt lawmakers to stop investigations into their illegal activities.

No wonder the plane crash that killed Justice Zavascki — just a few days before a crucial next step in the Supreme Court case — is raising so much suspicion. The senate president also nearly stepped down. Despite its unpopularity, congress has mustered the required three-fifths majority to approve a series of fiscal reforms.

Income lows

In December it passed what is arguably the harshest austerity measure in the world: freezing the federal budget at its level for the next two decades. The cap means that funding for education, health care, pensions, infrastructure and other government programmes will remain relatively constant except for inflation , in real terms, until But this is not even up for discussion.

So, next up, the government has announced a draconian reform of the pension system and deregulation of labour laws. Not surprisingly, both are also serving to deepen widespread distrust of the government. And things could yet get worse. YorkTalks — York, York. Back then, the country was on default watch, the International Monetary Fund was funding the government, and a failed California-style electric power deregulation policy was blamed for rolling blackouts in parts of the country.

People were so ticked off with the state of the economy that they placed their bets with left wing candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of the Workers' Party. Lula's third time running for office gave him his victory lap.

Brazil's poor are squeezed as inequality grows

On Sunday, one of Brazil's biggest polling firms said that Lula wins in every scenario against every candidate if he was running for office today. Ever since coming to power in August following the impeachment of president Dilma Rousseff, Temer has managed to get two things through congress: first was a rule allowing for foreigners to drill for oil without Petrobras as partner. That was a nice one.

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It no longer forces Petrobras to spend money that even its last two CEOs said it no longer has. But with oil so cheap, no one is really clamoring for access to Brazil's deepwater oil fields.

Chalk that up for another day. The other policy was a constitutional amendment to cap spending.

Brazil’s Unemployment Rate Stands at 11.8 Percent in Quarter Ended September

That went over well with investors. But it was tied to changes to Brazil's bloated public pension plan. To date, congress has failed to even get public employees to retire passed the age of They can't even do that. Without that, the spending cap is a moot point.

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Itau Unibanco chief economist, Mario Mesquita, told Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper this weekend that weaker than expected pension reform is better than no pension reform. Any pension reform at this point would be a positive. No pension reform, however, would be a problem.

Rich–poor gap widens in Brazil | Agência Brasil

One can only imagine the opposition on this one. While they will undoubtedly spend many hours in the streets trying to make sure none of these reforms pass, they will be the first to use the failure of their passing as a sign that it is their turn to return to power after a short one year absence. Lula leads in early polls for next year's presidential election. A worsening economy could bolster his support, despite corruption charges against him by several courts.

Every week, the central bank's survey of economists puts Brazil's GDP lower.

It started the year at 0. Now it's 0.