The Political Marketing Game

The Political Marketing Game
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Marketing is stimulating a more involved and information-laden public that is becoming increasingly engaged and responsible in decision-making.


The Political Marketing Game identifies what works in political marketing, showing that politicians can choose to play the game to achieve change, not just win votes. 'The Political Marketing Game by Jennifer Lees-Marshment is about as thorough an analysis of a discipline, regarded as much an art as it is a science, that one.

The bulk of this book is devoted to describing the rules of the political marketing game. Lees-Marshment relies extensively on the experiences of actual practitioners, utilizing extensive interviews from a wide-range of people involved in political marketing, including important advisors to leaders such as George W.

The author establishes how marketing and communication can be employed successfully by politicians in an environment that is complex and in constant flux.

However, this does not mean political marketing alone can deliver electoral success. Rather, pursuing a coherent strategy, attending to the demands of party members and other stakeholders, having strong convictions and values and a plethora of other considerations are important alongside marketing. While the book provides an in-depth overview of modern practices and developments in political marketing, the author gets quite bogged down in establishing a rule-book for marketing success.

The imperatives are often overly straightforward and predictable and practitioners are excessively quoted such that the flow of ideas is impeded.

A Fresh Content Strategy Could Change the Political Advertising Game

The real interesting aspects of this book, the implications of the marketing game on politics and democracy, are only developed in the last couple of chapters. Indeed, the partnership democracy theory presented in the final sections is most interesting. The author argues that political marketing, which is essentially deliberative in character, is enhancing democracy.

As political marketing becomes ever more widespread, voters are increasingly consulted.

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They are thus provided with opportunities to not only express opinions but provide solutions as well, hence taking a more participatory role in policy formulation. The internet and other powerful and cheap communication mediums, as well as the way marketing can be used, are aiding this participatory transformation. The disconnect between citizens and their representatives is thus being narrowed. As such, a viable partnership is being forged, improving the relationship between the public and politicians and advancing democracy in the process.

Political campaigning in the digital age: Lucian Despoiu at TEDxBucharest

Lees-Marshment argument is an optimistic one. In fact, after a prolonged downward trend in the UK and other Western countries, voter participation is on the rise.

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Citizens are finding new ways and spaces to express themselves and contribute to policy outcomes. Acknowledging that political marketing is here to stay, the author maintains that if used properly it will enrich democracy. This cheery prognosis, whereby citizens will be more engaged in politics and democracy functions better, is comforting but not assured. She therefore expects the full positive potential of political marketing to be realized. Let us hope that she is right. He is primarily focused on public and social policy, welfare inequality dynamics and institutional reform.

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The political leaders of today who will succeed in winning votes via their digital advertising efforts ought to take a cue from Thomas Paine. Create content that is forward-thinking and will incite change.

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More importantly, bring it to where the people are! Not just television sets! Content means nothing if it is not distributed to people who can engage with it.

Distribute the content effectively. Politicians already have a leg up with programmatic for another reason: access to high-quality data.

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High-quality data ensures more targeted distribution, delivering contextually-relevant content to interested consumers. Further, Native Ad engagement thrives when the ads are placed on contextually-relevant sites — achievable with high-quality data. Native Ads act as a content preview and match the form and function of the site. Relevant contextual placement catches the consumer when they are already seeking more information, all but guaranteeing engagement.

When consumers are already seeking new information, they will welcome more content to engage with, especially if it is relevant, timely, and informative.

Political campaign advertising may have some catching up to do, but the ingredients are all there. With the right content and — more importantly — content distribution strategy, the next election may pull the best turnout yet. A Fresh Content Strategy Could Change the Political Advertising Game Native Advertising may have a sticky history with politics, but the next wave of political campaigns have all the right ingredients for a content marketing plus Native Advertising overhaul. Share Post:.