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The Political Slant of Web Portal News and the Implications Relating to the Fake News Phenomenon
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The first step in their analysis, which was published in , was simply to measure the slant of each paper. But that itself was no easy task.

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They filtered that sample to eliminate stories about non-US politics, leaving 70, items. February 27, Trump's hospital visit nick77 , Nov 19, Religiosity also plays a role in the story, and it helps Mr. All Programs. Similar in content and format to the two other major U. Confirmation bias: a cognitive bias that favours and seeks information which affirms pre-existing beliefs and opinions.

But social scientists like Mr. Gentzkow and Mr. Shapiro need more than subjective impressions. They require objective measurement, especially when studying hundreds of news outlets. Here the authors were devilishly clever. Shapiro went to the Congressional Record and used a computer algorithm to find phrases that were particularly associated with the rhetoric of politicians of the two major political parties. With specific phrases associated with political stands, the researchers then analyzed newspaper articles from to determine which papers leaned left and which leaned right.

They looked only at news articles and excluded opinion columns.

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That is, they computed an objective, if imperfect, measure of political slant based on the choice of language. To confirm the validity of their measure, Mr. Shapiro showed that it was correlated with results from subjective surveys of readers. This coming week is set up to be one of the most dramatic yet in the story of Brexit, with a vote on a proposed general election, the EU providing yet another extension date, and the population of the UK having to once again hold their breaths as they wait to see if 31 October truly will be the day that the UK leaves the EU.

It was a historic week for Northern Ireland as equal marriage and reproductive rights were legalised after the deadline to resume a power-sharing Executive at Stormont passed, triggering the change in law. In the current interim period from now until March , women from Northern Ireland seeking abortion will continue to travel to England. Those who seek terminations will no longer be afraid of being prosecuted for their actions, with the possibility of prosecution also being lifted from healthcare workers.

The first same-sex marriage ceremonies are due to take place on 14 February , while the government has until the end of March to come up with regulations for the provision of abortion services. Justin Trudeau won a second term as Canadian Prime Minister , with his rival, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, narrowly winning the popular vote. Scheer and Trudeau had been deadlocked in the polls during the six-week election campaign. Trudeau has apologised for the blackface incidents, but has claimed that the SNC-Lavalin case was simply an example of him trying to save Canadian jobs.

The Chilean government extended its curfew across ten cities after protests left at least eight people dead last weekend.

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bias is a bias or perceived bias involving the slanting and altering of information to make a. "The ideology of the owners doesn't correlate in any significant way with the political slant of their newspapers' coverage. When a single owner owns multiple​.

The unrest in Chile began after the government announced that it would be raising public transportation fares by 4 percent , leading high school students to jump turnstiles and ultimately leading to the closure to several metro stations in Santiago. Many working class Chileans stated that they were fed up with the rising cost of utilities, falling wages and the rising cost of education and healthcare. President Sebastian Pinera declared a state of emergency, imposed curfews and ordered the armed forced to restore order. One of the three major news weeklies published in the United States, this magazine covers domestic and world affairs from a middle-of-the-road perspective.

  • Mexican newspaper to stop publishing print edition after bomb attack.
  • The Ivory Tower;
  • Bollywood’s political slant.

Policy Review. A major forum for conservative debate on the major political issues of our time. Award-winning, highly acclaimed left-of-center periodical. Prominent authors write on social science and public policy. Focus is on the U. Texas Observer. Features investigative reports on social and political issues in Texas. Similar in content and format to the two other major U. Selects contents from an assortment of newspapers and publications in order to present a range of views on a news topic.

Media Consolidation Means Less Local News, More Right Wing Slant

USA Today. Excellent objective news magazine. One of the three major newsweeklies published in the United States, this magazine tends to focus on the practical issues associated with current events. Moderately conservative. Utne Reader. Each issue contains articles reprinted from mainstream and alternative presses.

Vital Speeches of the Day. Each issue contains reprints of speeches on vital issues given by leaders of public opinion. Washington Monthly. Articles cover controversial issues and the Washington political scene. World Press Review.

The Political Slant of Web Portal News and the Implications Relating to the Fake News Phenomenon

Contains feature stories from foreign newspapers and magazines. Useful for presenting foreign perspectives on U. You can look at other lists to find additional titles of magazines and newspapers and to compare the "labeling" on a particular one. You will frequently notice differences! Barbara and Mike Bass Library.

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Detecting Bias This is a tool to assist you in determining what bias or leanings a magazine or newspaper may have. AllSides Media Bias Chart Media Bias Ratings AllSides uses blind surveys of people across the political spectrum, multi-partisan analysis and other in-depth analyses as well as tens of thousands of user ratings to rate the bias of nearly media outlets and writers. Otero's Media Bias Chart 5. Other Assessments of Newspaper and Magazine Bias You can look at other lists to find additional titles of magazines and newspapers and to compare the "labeling" on a particular one.

Pace University's LibGuide another listing of magazines', newspapers' and journals' biases. How To Understand the Bias of a Publication A publication's bias is its outlook or perspective on topics. Conservative, liberal, and moderate types of bias are discussed.