O Senhor dos Anéis: A sociedade do anel - vol.I (Portuguese Edition)

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This article analyzes Jose Leon Machado's novel, "Memoria das Estrelas sem Brilho," as a multilayered historical novel in which a war story provides a background for comments on aspects of early twentieth-century Portuguese society, such as male bonding, religion, sexual mores, and social stratification.

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Contains 11 notes. Contrails over Lisbon, Portugal.

taidipnaty.ga The superb natural harbor at Lisbon is a commercially important European port handling much of the import-export traffic for Portugal and Spain. Vocational Training in Portugal. This report on vocational training in Portugal contains 8 chapters, a item bibliography, and 2 appendices. Chapter 1 describes the geography, political system, population, and employment situation of Portugal. Chapter 2 describes the economic framework of Portugal.

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Chapter 3 describes the education system, the apprenticeship system, other…. Astronomy Week in Madeira, Portugal. The outreach programme Semanas da Astronomia Astronomy Weeks is held in late spring or summer on the island of Madeira, Portugal. We believe that this programme is a good case study for showing how to attract the general public to astronomy in a small population , area km2 and fairly isolated place such as Madeira. Our Astronomy Weeks have been different each year and have so far included exhibitions, courses, talks, a forum, documentaries, observing sessions some with blackouts , music and an astro party.

These efforts may contribute towards putting Madeira on the map with respect to observational astronomy, and have also contributed to the planned installation of two observatories in the island. A structural analysis of the Minas da Panasqueira vein network and related fracture generations. This orientation contrasts with the more common vertical attitude of granite-related hydrothermal veins, observed throughout the Iberian massif. A detailed orientation analysis of the fracture sets should allow to explore the possible causes of this particular late orogenic, flat-lying fracture network related to the granitic intrusion.

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Tectonics, magmatism, hydrothermalism and sets of flat joints locally filled by Sn-W, aplite-pegmatite and quartz veins, southeastern border of the Serra de Estrela granitic massif Beira Baixa, Portugal. Ore Geology Reviews 1, Foxford, K. Extensional failure and hydraulic valving at Minas da Panasqueira, Portugal ; evidence from vein spatial distributions, displacements and geometries. Journal of Structural Geology 22, Modernising Portugal 's Secondary Schools. Portugal has a total of public secondary schools.

Some date from the end of the 19th century but the majority were built after , reflecting the period of expansion in the school network and the extension of compulsory schooling. The schools are heterogeneous in terms of building types, architectural features and quality.

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An assessment of…. Assessing site formation and assemblage integrity through stone tool refitting at Gruta da Oliveira Almonda karst system, Torres Novas, Portugal : A Middle Paleolithic case study. We use stone tool refitting to assess palimpsest formation and stratigraphic integrity in the basal units of the Gruta da Oliveira archeo-stratigraphic sequence, layers 15—27, which TL and U-series dating places in late Marine Isotope Stage MIS 5 or early MIS 4.

As in most karst contexts, the formation of this succession involved multiple and complex phenomena, including subsidence, bioturbation, carnivore activity and runoff as agents of potential post-depositional disturbance. During phases of stabilization, such as represented by layers 15, 21 and 22, the excavated area was inhabited and refits corroborate that post-depositional displacement is negligible. Refit links are consistent with rapid fill-up of the interstitial spaces found in the Karren-like bedrock for layers 23—25 , or left between large boulders after major roof-collapse events for layers 16— Layer 20, at the interface between two major stratigraphic ensembles, requires additional analysis.

Throughout, we found significant vertical dispersion along the contact between sedimentary fill and cave wall. Given these findings, a preliminary analysis of technological change across the studied sequence organized the lithic assemblages into five ensembles: layer 15; layers 16—19; layer 20; layers 21—22; layers 23— The lower ensembles show higher percentages of flint and of the Levallois method.

Uniquely at the site, the two upper ensembles feature bifaces and cleavers.

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O Senhor dos Anéis: A sociedade do anel - vol.I (Portuguese Edition) eBook: J. R. R. Tolkien: westzalega.ml: Kindle Store. You can download and read online O Senhor dos Anéis: A sociedade do anel - vol.I (Portuguese Edition) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also​.

Multivariate statistical analysis of wildfires in Portugal. Several studies demonstrate that wildfires in Portugal present high temporal and spatial variability as well as cluster behavior Pereira et al. This study aims to contribute to the characterization of the fire regime in Portugal with the multivariate statistical analysis of the time series of number of fires and area burned in Portugal during the - period.

There are many multiple advanced techniques for examining the relationships among multiple time series at the same time e.

O Senhor dos Anéis - Volume Único (Em Portuguese do Brasil)

This study compares and discusses the results obtained with these different techniques. Pereira, M. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. Hazards Earth Syst.


Phytoplankton Bloom Off Portugal. Turquoise and greenish swirls marked the presence of a large phytoplankton bloom off the coast of Portugal on April 23, There are also several fires burning in northwest Spain, near the port city of A Coruna. Please note that the high-resolution scene provided here is meters per pixel. Familial hypercholesterolaemia in Portugal. Familial hypercholesterolaemia FH is characterised clinically by an increased level of circulating LDL cholesterol that leads to lipid accumulation in tendons and arteries, premature atherosclerosis and increased risk of coronary heart disease CHD.

Although Portugal should have about 20, cases, this disease is severely under-diagnosed in our country, this being the first presentation of Portuguese data on FH. A total of blood samples were collected from index patients and relatives from several centres throughout Portugal. Fifty-three different mutations were found in 83 index patients, 79 heterozygous and 4 with two defective LDLR alleles. Additionally, 4 putative alterations were found in 8 patients but were not considered mutations causing disease, mainly because they did not co-segregate with hypercholesterolaemia in the families.

Three unrelated patients were found to be heterozygous for the APOB mutation and two unrelated patients were found to be heterozygous for a novel mutation in PCSK9, predicted to cause a single amino acid substitution, DH. Cascade screening increased the number of FH patients identified genetically to The newly identified FH patients are now receiving counselling and treatment based on the genetic diagnosis.

The early identification of FH patients can increase their life expectancy and quality of life by preventing the development of premature CHD if patients receive appropriate pharmacological treatment. Early Childhood Education in Portugal.

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Women in Portugal. Prior to , women in Portugal were restricted by the Penal Code and had little organizational power. Women's groups were formed within the Catholic Church to teach women about cooking, child care, and home economics. There was no contact with international women's groups. The press only reported events such as bra burning. The conditions of Portuguese women are described after the revolution of April 25, Present roles are discussed for work, health, education, religion, trade unions and political parties, and women's organizations.

The Women's Liberation Movement WLM appeared in May among a heterogenous group of women in Lisbon who were concerned about the oppression of women. WLM made feminist issues public amid ridicule and promoted the declaration of equal rights for women in the Republic Constitution and in the Family Code. Wage discrimination became illegal in Women represent Unemployment is particularly high among women and is increasing.

Women's wages and levels of skill are the lowest.

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The Christian Democratic government is actively engaged in a campaign to keep women at home and has formed the special Ministry of Family Affairs, which encourages large families and women's home activity in order to save jobs for men. There is a crisis in education: large class sizes and limited number of schools. Child care for the working mother is expensive when available and rarely available.

An obstacle to women's rights has been the role of the Catholic Church, which fought equal rights legislation, condemned the Family Code and divorce laws, forbade the practice of contraception, and supported the movement against abortion. Only 1 member of government is a women, and she is considered a token. Trade unions have a women's section, but little attention is given to the problems of women. Women's groups within larger organizations have little autonomy. Those with autonomy. Portugal : Health System Review.

This analysis of the Portuguese health system reviews recent developments in organization and governance, health financing, health care provision, health reforms and health system performance. Overall health indicators such as life expectancy at birth and at age 65 years have shown a notable improvement over the last decades. However, these improvements have not been followed at the same pace by other important dimensions of health: child poverty and its consequences, mental health and quality of life after Health inequalities remain a general problem in the country.

Out-of-pocket payments have been increasing over time, not only co-payments, but particularly direct payments for private outpatient consultations, examinations and pharmaceuticals. The level of cost-sharing is highest for pharmaceutical products.

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The lower ensembles show higher percentages of flint and of the Levallois method. Salvador: Corrupio, Histologic characterization of dilated cardiomyopathy in Estrela mountain dogs. Question: I read that in 12c there is a "cascade" clause on the truncate table target table, plus all rows from "child" tables, as defined by foreign key constraints. Teacher education now includes community studies, designed to prepare teachers for an active role in this process and for the better understanding of the social background of pupils. Harris , p. This paper records 17 louse species for the first time in southern Portugal : Laemobothrion maximum, Laemobothrion vulturis, Actornithophilus piceus lari, Actornithophilus umbrinus, Austromenopon lutescens, Colpocephalum heterosoma, Colpocephalum turbinatum, Eidmanniella pustulosa, Nosopon casteli, Pectinopygus bassani, Pseudomenopon pilosum, Trinoton femoratum, Trinoton querquedulae, Craspedorrhynchus platystomus, Degeeriella fulva, Falcolipeurus quadripustulatus, Lunaceps schismatus.