Avenger (The Sanctuary Series Book 2)

The Sanctuary Series (Crane)
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May 29, May 31, Alan Travis. December 16, I was just about to leave a note about the Acanti but you all beat me to the punch.

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Name required. Previous Post. Two months later, Captain America finally catches up with Red Skull just as he launches a massive bomber powered by the Tesseract that is designed to launch powerful nuclear bombs at all major world capitals, beginning with New York City. While fighting, Red Skull attempts to use the Tesseract , only to be apparently disintegrated by it. Unfortunately, the bomber is largely disabled and on a direct course with New York.

To prevent the death of millions, Cap is forced to crash the plane somewhere near Greenland, where he is lost and presumed dead. In the late s , Stark and Peggy Carter later become two of the founding members of S. Stark also turns his company, Stark Industries, into one of the largest munitions and military contracting companies in the world. Meanwhile, Arnim Zola is released from prison as part of project paperclip and joins S.

Avenger (The Sanctuary Series Book 2)

He starts by recruiting sleeper agents and spreading them strategically throughout S. Bucky is brainwashed to become an assassin known as the Winter Soldier, and his left arm is replaced with a robotic prosthesis. He is stored at a secret facility somewhere in the Soviet Union, along with other, similarly-created assassins. Throughout the cold war, the Winter Soldier is used for covert HYDRA missions — including the assassination of JFK — while Hydra operatives work behind the scenes to sow chaos worldwide as part of a plan to eventually create a fearful population so desperate for security it will willingly hand total power over to Hydra.

The Later Cold War s to Early s. Sometime during the Vietnam war era, entomologist and physicist Dr. Hank Pym is recruited from the U. Army to become a researcher and consultant for S. Pym creates a suit to help him harness these particles, and begins running covert S. By the s, Janet also makes a suit of her own to control Pym Particles, and joins Hank on missions for S. They have a son, Peter Quill. Ego leaves Meredith, although he returns on two occasions to visit her.

Unfortunately, Ego fell in love with Meredith and feared that his love for her would lead him to give up on his plans to remake the entire universe in his own image. To prevent that from happening, on his final visit he acts to kill her by giving her cancer.

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Seller Inventory IQ The thirst for vengeance could end it all. Avenger Crane, Robert J. Other books in the series. I can only hope that by the end of the series, we will find out what those secrets are.

The Wasp is forced to shrink to fit between the molecules of the casing to get inside and is lost in the subatomic Quantum Realm, seemingly forever. The project is led by Dr. During a flight test of the light speed engine, Lawson and Danvers are suddenly attacked by an alien ship and shot down. After narrowly surviving the crash landing, Danvers discovers that Lawson is badly injured and that her blood is blue. At that moment, the Kree soldier Yon-Rogg, who shot them down, finds the crash site and shoots Mar-Vell.

Yon-Rogg tries to talk Carol into handing over the engine, and she shoots the engine to destroy it. Yon-Rogg takes the unconscious Carol with him and leaves Earth. Carol is believed killed in the crash, and Project P. The procedure wakes Vers up and, confused by the memories, she escapes from her restraints and attempts to fight her way off the Skrull ship. They visit the site of Project P. A group of S.

Carol eventually recovers her memories and disavows the Kree, and she and Fury join forces with the Skrull. They ravel to a secret space station built by Mar-Vell, where they find The Tesseract , along with several Skrull refugees who have been hiding there for several years. At one point, Goose swallows The Tesseract , storing it in the pocket dimension all flerkens have inside their bodies. Aware that Carol now knows about his deceptions, Yon-Rogg summons the Accusers, the fanatical military leaders of the Kree, who arrive in an attack fleet led by Ronan the Accuser.

Carol removes it and her powers increase exponentially. Now able to fly under her own power, Carol single-handedly destroys one of the Accuser ships, forcing the others to withdraw. Ronan vows to return and capture her again at a later time. She then leaves Earth along with the surviving Skrulls to help them find a new homeworld.

He brings fellow S.

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This causes Fury to lose his left eye and adopt his trademark eyepatch. No hard feelings though, as Fury keeps Goose around as his pet. Fury eventually returns it to Project P. He adopts one of the survivors, an eight-year-old girl named Gamora, and raises her alongside another captive child named Nebula. Stark promises to meet Killian later, but blows him off to spend the night with Maya Hansen. Hansen, another scientist, shows him her research into a means of rewriting genetic codes to regrow human tissue that has the side effect of causing biological material to explode.

They sleep together, but the next morning, Tony leaves without saying goodbye. Bruce Banner is recruited for a secret government experiment he is told is an attempt to make human beings immune to gamma radiation. An unaware Banner tests the experiment on himself but the process turns him into The Hulk. He remains at large for the next six years. Stark takes shrapnel to the chest during the attack, but a fellow captive scientist named Yensin creates a device that keeps the shrapnel from destroying his heart. Tony adapts this into the power source for a prototype Iron Man suit, which he uses to escape.

Stark perfects the Iron Man suit by adapting arc reactor technology initially developed by his father as a source of clean, renewable energy.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Robert J. Crane was born and raised on Florida's Space Avenger (The Sanctuary Series Book 2) by [Crane, Robert J.]. Defender: The Sanctuary Series, Volume One by Robert J. Crane Paperback $ Start reading Avenger (The Sanctuary Series Book 2) on your Kindle in .

He defeats Stane, and reveals he is Iron Man during a press conference, becoming only the second publicly-known superhero. May In a single week, S. First, a year after going public as Iron Man, Tony Stark is enjoying life as a celebrity superhero, and he revives the Stark Expo, a once-annual technology and futurist convention last held in Stark refuses attempts to bring Iron Man under the control of the U.

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Venko is captured alive and arrested, only to be freed — with his death faked — by rival industrialist Justin Hammer. Hammer hired Venko to secretly develop armor technology similar to Iron Man that he can sell to the military. Air Force, becoming known as War Machine. Fury and Romanoff provide Tony with a temporary treatment for the arc reactor poisoning.

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He then patches things up with Rhodes and they team up with Romanoff to defeat Venko and Hammer. During the battle, Loki learns he is a Frost Giant.

In Asgard, Loki is angry at having been lied to about his origin and plots to overthrow Odin. Finally, Bruce Banner is discovered hiding in Brazil.

The Complete Timeline of Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies, From ‘Iron Man’ to ‘Avengers: Endgame’

After escaping capture by covert military forces, he makes his way north to the United States seeking a cure for his Hulk problem. Instead, the military replicates his condition in military contractor Emil Blonsky, who turns into The Abomination and rampages through New York City.

Banner is forced to transform into the Hulk to defeat him, but in the process, large sections of Harlem are destroyed. Banner goes back into hiding. Meanwhile, aware that earth is vulnerable to extraterrestrial threats, S. April : Captain America is discovered frozen, but still alive thanks to the super-soldier serum.

May, Using a scepter that allows him to control minds, Loki steals the Tesseract and attempts to conquer the Earth with the help of an army of aliens know as the Chitauri. During the fight, Tony Stark is nearly killed saving the city from a nuclear weapon deployed by the World Security Council.