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Encontrar to find. Escuchar to listen. Esperar to wait for. Estudiar to study. Explicar to explain. Common Spanish Verbs Beginning with G. Guardar to keep. Gustar to like. Common Spanish Verbs Beginning with H. Haber to have. Hablar to speak.

Hacer to make. Ir to go. Jugar to play. Lavar to wash.

The 100 Most Common Spanish Verbs

Leer to read. Limpiar to clean. Llamar to call. Llegar to arrive.

The Most Common Verbs in Spanish - Most Common Words in Spanish - Learn Spanish Vocabulary

Llenar to fill. Llevar to carry. Llorar to cry.

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Manejar to drive. Mirar to look.

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Languages are such fun. Led by 10 angelic Heralds and 10 orders of knights known as Radiants, mankind finally won or so the legends say. On The Power of Vulnerability, Dr. First Name. This page includes the Yo form for 8 of the most common Spanish Verbs.

Mostrar to show. Necesitar to need. Olvidar to forget. Pagar to pay. Pasar to pass. Pedir to request. Peinar to comb. Pensar to think. Perder to lose.

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Poder to be able to. Poner to put. Preguntar to ask.

Prestar to lend, borrow. Quedarse to stay. Querer to want. Romper to break. Saber to know. Sacar to take out. Salir to go out. Seguir to follow. Sentirse to feel. Tener to have. Terminar to finish. Tocar to touch. Tomar to take. Trabajar to work.

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Traer to bring. Usar to use. Valer to be worth. Vender to sell. Venir to come. Ver to see. Vestir to dress. Viajar to travel. Vivir to live. Volar to fly.

100 Most Common Spanish Verbs

Here is the present tense conjugation of this verb. Going somewhere? This is frequently used in Spanish conversations, but watch out, it is highly irregular! Jugar is a stem-changing verb in the sense that it changes from u to ue. See the present tense conjugation below. There you go with 10 commonly used Spanish verbs. It's a unique and innovative learning material to help you master Spanish verbs without any memorization. Learn all about it below.

And there you go. That's of the most common Spanish verbs you'll encounter in Spanish language. Spanish Verbs Conjugation. What else do you want to see featured here in this website? I have stolen princesses back from sleeping barrow kings.

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